Yoga at the "Wonder City" festival

Nowadays it is difficult to find a person who has not heard of yoga.

And the "Wonder City" festival, of course, not only stands aside, but also actively promotes yoga to the masses: even sitting in a tea room at the festival, most storytellers tend to wrap themselves in a lotus (or almost a lotus), sitting - on what do you think? Yes, on a yoga mat, just after class or a workshop. Actually, it is very comfortable sitting in the right lotus =)

What is the secret of such popularity? Yoga is the art of living in harmony with your body, mind, and spirit. The versatility and diversity of styles allow everyone to find something attractive in yoga. In our age of speed, we still strive to slow down and understand ourselves, to slow down a little what is happening. Yoga is great for this, gaining control over this excess.

In the classroom, calm music sounds most often and a set of exercises, known to Indian sages from ancient times, is performed. There is an opinion the complex of exercises to be performed during the animals observation - it’s not for nothing there is a “dog pose”, a “cat pose”, even a “cow face” pose. In the course of history, the complex was supplemented and modified, and now many types of practices are known: static, dynamic, yoga in water, in hammocks, in the dark, for beginners, for advanced practitioners ... You can choose for your taste. But the basis remains the same: each training is a time spent alone with yourself. We finally pay attention to the body - in everyday life, we mostly perceive ourselves as a thinking head, and not as a complete organism. Each movement and extension is accompanied by a movement of thought in the same direction and a focus on the working muscles. Here we are doing a series of stretch marks, deflections, inclinations and as if we are going deep into our own body, we are getting closer to understanding its tasks. The ancients tell us the body is the spirit temple, and we should relate to it respectively.

 Yogic exercises are called asanas, which in translation are “comfortable posture” (however it may sound strange). The main thing is to allow the body naturally take the desired position. Let your option be still far from ideal - everything will eventually change for the better. Independent daily practice is crucial: at some point you come to understand you want to do it along, starting with the tips (yoga video at your service) apart from the studio. Gradually, video becomes unnecessary, and you want to spread the mat, taking a seemingly completely absurd body position more and more often.Yoga continues after training. Small accidents begin to haunt you: it’s just the person who has long been eager to meet, there are events, bringing you closer to a certain goal. Then the realization comes: the world is alive; The universe communicates with us.

It is interesting, each asana affects not only our body, but also our mind and soul. For example, in the child posture it the easiest way to ask for forgiveness - it seems you are overwhelmed with humility. A warrior's pose - on the contrary, gives confidence and decisiveness, allowing you to feel support under your feet. Based on this, you can build a sequence to solve a certain vital task. But the ideal state is the removal from everyday problems and meeting with your “I.” If, besides, you try to work out in nature, you can almost feel yourself sitting under a tree like Buddha.

Breathing is no less important aspect. According to one of the legends, a certain number of inhales-exhales are released to our lives: the slower we breathe, the longer we live. There is a whole system of breathing exercises - pranayama. Breathing is the link between both spirit and body, allowing you to feel at the right time and in the right place - here and now. It is not necessary to go for your thoughts somewhere far away - in the past or in the future. At the moment, everything is happening exactly as it should be. Just close your eyes and try to breathe in, feeling how it passes through the nostrils - no, not the air - the surrounding situation. We breathe the world around, we breathe the present moment. Try to smell it, its taste. Listen to the sounds. Open your eyes and see how many colors surround us in the world diversity. Feel what you like exactly at this second, and what is not, and most importantly - why? Maybe this little step will bring something new into your life towards yourself .


We are waiting for you at the "Wonder City" festival together with a rug;)