Workshops at the festival

The festival “Wonder City” is not just a fun party in nature, despite the richness of the entertainment program - it is a kind of platform for knowledge and skills exchanging. People come to the festival not only to relax, have fun and indulge (this is also, of course). Wonder City Guests attend various workshops to gain new knowledge - and behind this the eternal desire of a person to find himself lies. Someone does it through the esoteric (not for nothing the Wonder City is called Hogwarts;)), psychology is closer to others. The result, as a rule, is always positive: it is on the Wonder City many manage to catch a clear understanding of what to do next.

The festival atmosphere contributes to internal changes: you quickly learn to be sincere to others on the Wonder City. Most storytellers agree feeling updated in many ways after the festival. Accretions layers are removed from the personality, old blocks are opened, the life situation becomes clearer. And new acquaintances are acquired, moreover, more often for a long period. Wonder City echoes are heard for a long time over the next year: the skills acquired in the classroom are used in everyday life. Those who are particularly interested in the chosen topic continue to dive into it after the festival: they sign up for courses, look for information in books and on the Internet.

Workshopsoccupy the main part of the Wonder City day. Each lasts about one and a half or two hours. During the day, you can have time to attend 4 of them. Each lesson is a combination of both theory and practice in the correct proportion, allowing you to understand the proposed methodology essence, and then immediately try it out in practice. Training on self-development cover a variety of topics: personality psychology, relationships psychology, developmental psychology. This allows you to consider different life aspects and work out all the weaknesses.

Psychology is a complex, but useful science. We pay so much attention to the outside world, so often forgetting about the inside. The psychology methods are different, and everyone can find the technique suitable for himself, allowing him to solve internal conflicts and remain in a mental equilibrium state. But any method involves both immersion in yourself and search.

Our brain (as well as our consciousness) is actually an amazing thing. Internal work is often invisible to the prying eye, requiring more energy than external activity. A concentration and focus of attention need even 10 times more. Workshops are a way to accomplish such an innermost work together, making it easier for you and not getting lost in the labyrinths of your own mind. This is facilitated by the leadership of the experienced trainer (who has already "ate the dog" in such matters), as well as the group presence - the opportunity to look at your problem with others' eyes and see it from a new perspective. And the returns after joint efforts are also much stronger and longer. This science is known by the term “synergy” - a phenomenon when a set of elements acts much more efficiently, acquiring new qualities that are not inherent in individual elements.

In order not to get lost in the workshop abundance, the Trainers Line is held at the festival several times a day - three or four, where masters tell about the upcoming training. There is a joke Rulers are sometimes longer than workshops- there are many masters =). At the same time 40-60 different training can be held.

You can study the program and create a "schedule of lessons" for yourself so that the selected workshopswill complement each other. But many people notice the most necessary information on the Wonder City comes by chance, not when we purposefully follow workshops: during a conversation over lunch, or a friend accidentally delays into training where you don’t want to go, but still, succumbing to the entreaties, go — and it turns out that it is not in vain, it sounds the main thing you wanted to hear. The space itself directs you exactly where you need it. This does not surprise the permanent "Wonder City" residents. “It's okay, it's a fairy tale,” they say, grinning.

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