Miracle in a Wonder City

Little secret, sometimes the Wonder City residents call the festival “Hogwarts” among themselves (Hogwarts is this is a school of magic from the Harry Potter tale, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry). Why is it so?


Getting to the festival, you will surely notice that everyone talks about the miracles which permeate the life of the Wonder City: most of the workshopsare about how to let a little magic into your life. The Wonder is full of the small household magic - chance meeting, convergence, cross roads. The word "magic" includes everything: the yoga is often perceived as something supernatural, although it is a system for improving your mind and body, first of all. Magical techniques, including the modern ones, are an ancient skill, and it’s more a tool experience of the world and yourself not a future prediction thing or make-a-wish thing. Runes, tarot cards, energy pendulums, meditations - imply work with energy, more - with its various forms and characteristics.

So, how the magic works? Any practice emphasizes importance of internal silence – condition when the white noise in your head subsides. The mad run of thoughts stops - the emptiness become, and arises the clear intention about things which should be done, why it should be done, where it will lead. Reminds the wishes making, but it’s strengthened and honed many times.

There are various techniques to achieve this inner emptiness. We’re different in our perception of the world. Think of division into audials, visuals and kinesthetics: sounds and music will have the most actively effect on the first ones, visual images – on the second ones and touch and body sensation – on the third ones.  

Everyone has his own personal story. Therefore, each specific person needs his anchor to cling to the image and make a wish, establish a desire. Someone will light a candle of a certain color and meditate; someone will play the harp, someone will go to talk with tree or the river Dnieper. For someone it’s easier to follows clear rules (pray the much century old prayer, mantra, or plot), the other ones listen their intuition and say words that have appeared in their head. But it doesn’t mean, that we should listen our intuition without logic. The tandem both of it is the perfect option. The result and the goal of all strange near-magical manipulations are the same: a person enters an altered state of consciousness in which he can change the world by the power of his thought. No wonder that everybody say that thoughts are material.

Arguably, everything from the head is a game of the mind, pure psychology and self-conviction. In fact, extrasensory perception or hypersensitivity isn’t uncommon. Needlepoint, doing morning exercises or watercolors painting needs time and your efforts.   If you daily concentrate on the work object or quality, gradually the perception will change and become thinner, more sensitive and allow you to see more facets. Each of us is a magician and wizard. Magic and inspiration are same things. Achieving mastery in a particular craft, learning the art, person creates magic. Isn’t a miracle the sudden inspiration condition?  Very often artists say that at the moment of creating their masterpiece, something mysterious was guiding them, and they were as a tool. The same can be applied in other spheres of our life: live in harmony with the World, it answers our inquiries, acts through us. As if we are pushing the World in the right direction and we set the motion vector. The main thing in such communication with the World is to remember about the boomerang law. Everything released is back. Life is an exchange of energy. We are releasing something outside - and the World is responding us. Mostly with the energy of the same quality. But this is already on the conscience of everyone - what to give to the World, and what to expect from the World.


At the workshops of the Wonder City festival, you can get the technical skills of various arts which might call a magic: knowledge of healing methods, work with crystals and stones, runes and cards, meditation and immersion. Then it is up to you: practice, track, be attentive to yourself and to the environment. Miracles will come into your life.