Martial Arts in Wonder City

Perhaps, you can find a unique type of martial art, whose history goes far back into centuries in any country in the world. The emergence of such an occupation can be easily explained by the elementary need to survive, to defend and to save their lives at that dangerous time. Today, fortunately, rarely anyone comes into the martial arts with such motivation. People often choose karate, aikido, wushu as an alternative to the boring gym, which also gives +100 points to their own coolness and some knowledge and skills in self-defense. And here it is worth remembering the main word is still "art" in the phrase "martial arts".

These are whole systems of development, verified by centuries, with a certain philosophy, tested by time. And the purpose of martial arts is not only mastering the techniques and methods of combat, but the improvement of the personality is above all. Art is always about beauty: you go to workout for a beautiful toned body, and you also get a beautiful soul and a strong spirit. Physical activity, iron discipline temper character, teach patience and endurance, and, undoubtedly, affect the world perception as a whole. The student masters the science of owning his own body, then begins to work with subtle matters. A person who has stepped on the spiritual practice path is driven by the desire to reach its limit and even look behind it, wondering: "what is there"?

This is the art of fighting with oneself as a way to release internal harm aggression to others. To be honest, it is common for all of us to get angry and nervous from time to time. Aggression is normal, it is part of life, it is one of the energy forms. And it can be sent in the right direction.


If you need to fight yourself when studying martial arts, then why are those competitions and sparring, you say? And here we are again returning to beauty: the duel goal is not rivalry, not injuring one another. It is rather a pair dance with an inaudible music, full of sharp movements, the play of actors and a performance. In this respect, aikido is very significant: there is no competition at all, and the main principle is to direct the opponent's strength against him, defense instead of attack.

Comparison with the dance is particularly suitable for the direction, which is often presented at our "Wonder City "festival - Tai Chi. The body is engaged as if flowing from form to form, smoothly and gracefully. Those practicing Tai Chi know: strength is not in the muscles. The power is inside - the all-pervading energy is called Qi in the East. And the work of managing this energy is known as Qigong. It is believed that Qi always flows freely through the human body, and we can increase its flow or collect and concentrate energy in a certain part of the body with our attention (remember the fist breaking a brick). Tai Chi and Qigong classes will be useful to everyone equally a means of both restoring and maintaining health, as well as for finding harmony with the inner (and also outer) world.