Dancing in Wonder City

All the active activities and forms of movement arise from the energy oversupply: well, the 21st century is in the yard, there is no need to go running after the mammoth. The evolution is such a slow thing, and we have enough energy to fill up the mammoth. And it is precisely from this energy abundance, we seem to lack something, and we are in eternal search. Someone invents his enemy, fighting against windmills. Someone deprives himself of this excess and turns it to his detriment. And it is incredibly cool when you manage to send it on a peaceful course: if not to the sport, then to dancing.

Margarita Razumovich is in the photo.

Authentic Presentation (Odessa 2015)

What is there in music, making us move? At the disco, at home with your favorite song, or even dancing in the subway with headphones. And how natural is the dance to live music, especially on musical jams. It is impossible not to dance: the drum beats rhythmically, the music literally hangs in the air. Music, as a matter of fact, is those air fluctuations which continue in your soul, exciting it and filling with feelings. Dancing through you - it, Something. The soul as if is torn somewhere. And, not being able to take off, it remains to start dancing. If you do not move, something inside will definitely not withstand the pressure and explode. The main thing is not to be afraid to express yourself. It is dance, making it possible to manifest itself in full, because you are an instrument. This is a great mystery - to gain control over yourself - over the movements of both body and mind.

Why do we dance? There are a lot of reasons forcing engaging. And this is not only the physical aspect - a taut figure and excellent health. A person is always driven by the desire for self-expression, and dance is another way out of many others. Sometimes even the dance school itself enthrall more than dance - the group rightly becomes a close-knit and united family, united by a common passion and common temperament: fiery Latin-American dances, driving street dance, subtle and sensual contemporary or mysterious tribal ballys.

Many dance schools open their doors to everyone, regardless of age. Belly dancing, flamenco, salsa are wonderful as anyone can learn it, regardless of dance skills, age or physical fitness. An open atmosphere reigns in the studios: if you want to dance - please come to us, we will be happy! Ladies usually come up with a hundred thousand excuses, but in vain! All "not" - do not matter. Age is not a hindrance, age only adds grace to a woman. As we dance, we tell and share our experiences and our feelings. Therefore, the older the dancer, the more he experienced - the more expressive his dance.

Dancing is like learning a new language. Even the stock of movements is called a dance vocabulary, and the movements of a separate production are called text. “Speak more clearly!” - says the trainer, meaning not speech clarifying, but the quality of the movement performance. And this is well-chosen metaphor: you feel something and want to tell about it, but you don’t know how to express it with words-gestures. And at first you get acquainted with the new alphabet (basic positions of legs, hands, body), then make separate words from letters (basic movements), and, finally, learn from these words to build sentences (dance phrases). But, of course, do not forget to learn the grammar (certain rules of execution). And there the task of overcoming the language barrier (fear of speaking) remains.


The fear of performance is overcome by experience - the more often you dance, the more it delays. Especially when you notice the audience, at first quietly standing around and watching, also begin to dance. It is almost the greatest joy for a dancer to light a fire inside others.

You can become such a person and join the world of beauty at our "Wonder City" festival, both at workshopsand in the evening: dancing in the summer, with live music, is sparked and inspired. Under the drum jams, they perform not only a fire show, but also belly dancing in its different variations: classical oriental dances and their relative, a child of the globalized world, tribal dance - a synthesis of world cultures ancient dances and modern styles.

Come to the festival. Let's dance together!